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Phase-contrast CT


The latest breakthrough in development of the cone-beam reconstruction technology allows us to surpass all competitors in achieving the fastest 3D image reconstruction on a standard PC.

phase ct

During many years after Roentgen has discovered the x rays, the related imaging techniques were solely based on the effect of absorption of radiation in the investigated medium. Recently, it was shown that the third generation synchrotron sources or even laboratory microfocus x-ray tubes are capable of producing images using phase shifts in the x-ray beam. This new method ("phase-contrast imaging", "diffraction-enhanced imaging") is nowadays in the focus of attention in many scientific laboratories in the fields of material science, biological and medical research. Tiny objects that are invisible for absorption-based imaging can now be investigated using phase contrast. A harmless x-ray method can be developed in medicine if radiation is not absorbed in the tissue. Bronnikov Algorithms offers a unique software solution for phase-contrast micro-CT imaging. The suggested algorithm is based on the fundamental theorem for the Radon transform of the phase-contrast projection and provides a closed-form linear solution to the problem. This algorithm is known in the scientific literature as the "Bronnikov algorithm" for phase-contrast CT. It is implemented in a convenient form of filtered backprojection. Unlike other methods, the suggested algorithm requires the measurements only in one plane in the near field of the Fresnel region, which makes it the best candidate for the routine use at the synchrotrons. More...