Industrial micro-CT
Phase-contrast CT


The latest breakthrough in development of the cone-beam reconstruction technology allows us to surpass all competitors in achieving the fastest 3D image reconstruction on a standard PC.

micro/nano ct

Microtomography is a 3D imaging technique that can be implemented with a micro-focus x-ray tube or a synchrotron source. The latest developments in detector technology provide ultra-high resolution of the projection data. One of the challenges of ultra-high resolution CT is fast processing of huge amount of data. Bronnikov Algorithms suggests an original solution to this problem based on a new mathematical algorithm for fast computation of the cone-beam backprojection operator, which permits a 3D image with 512x512x512 voxels to be reconstructed within 10 seconds on a PC with two quad-core CPUs. This is the fastest cone-beam reconstruction software that is available today on the market. It outperforms any known CPU and GPU-based implementations. The algorithm requires no low-level programming and can be implemented on any platform or a graphic processor. Various methods for automatic geometrical calibration and artifact reduction are suggested. Limited-angle data and region-of-interest reconstruction methods are offered. Methods for quantitative phase-contrast CT are proposed. More...