Industrial micro-CT
Phase-contrast CT


The latest breakthrough in development of the cone-beam reconstruction technology allows us to surpass all competitors in achieving the fastest 3D image reconstruction on a standard PC.


Single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and positron emission tomography (PET) are functional imaging techniques. In medical imaging, the patient is injected with a pharmaceutical containing a radioisotope material. The imaging system captures the emitted radiation and creates a set of tomographic images of the activity distribution. Because the photons are attenuated in the body, specific measures have to be taken to compensate for attenuation. An additional transmission or CT scan can be applied to determine the attenuation map. Bronnikov Algorithms offers methods for accurate attenuation correction in the presence of severely incomplete or statistically poor transmission data or even without any transmission data at all. In the latter case, the attenuation map can be obtained from the SPECT (or PET) emission projections alone. The algorithm is based on an original concept of the discrete consistency conditions and allows one to enhance image quality with no additional investments into the transmission hardware. More...