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The latest breakthrough in development of the cone-beam reconstruction technology allows us to surpass all competitors in achieving the fastest 3D image reconstruction on a standard PC.

medical cbct

Latest developments in flat-panel detector technology have led to the rise of new applications in medical imaging, one of the most important of which is cone-beam CT (CBCT) imaging. Cone-beam CT is the imaging modality where a single x-ray source and a 2D detector are used. The x-ray beam directing from the source shapes a cone towards the 2D detector, therefore the name of the method. The patient is positioned in such a way, that the region of interest is within the cone beam. By rotating the x-ray source and the detector around the patient, a set of 2D projections of the region of interest is acquired. The projections are processed by CBCT reconstruction software to obtain the 3D image of the patient. The 3D image can further be used as an input to various software applications in radiation oncology and radiology. Most important applications are found in external-beam radiation therapy, image-guided surgery and dental healthcare. For all these applications, Bronnikov Algorithms provides a state-of-the-art software solution which allows one to upgrade a 2D imaging system to a 3D CBCT scanner. The system can be based either on the image intensifier or the flat-panel imager; it can be a C-arm, a linac-based kV or MV on-board imaging system, a digital dental imaging system or any other imaging hardware with a rotating gantry and digital output. Our software serves to reconstruct the 3D image of the patient from cone-beam CT projections and visualize the result with the help of an advanced 3D viewer. We offer a comprehensive set of artifact reduction algorithms, including scatter correction, metal artifact reduction, automatic geometrical calibration and more.